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...The Doctrine of Bohemianism...

Human Beings are Significant. Bohemians believe that humans have a powerful life force and that they should use this power to become unique individuals. This is very different from mainstream theologies, which demand humility and obedience.

Life is a Gift. Bohemians also believe that life is a wonderful gift that is meant to be enjoyed. Life is not merely a test. It should be cherished and celebrated, each in his or her own way.

The Afterlife is Our Impact on the World. Bohemians believe that the Afterlife consists of the lasting impact the Bohemian has made upon other human beings and the world. When a Bohemian dies, he or she will continue to live in the hearts and minds of humans touched by the Bohemian.

Additionally, he or she will have created legends and/or works of art that will continue to impact others whom the Bohemian was unable to personally touch.

These beliefs are the foundation for the popular Bohemian saying:

"Change the world more than it changes you!"

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